Pick Your Own 3kg Mix (Jar)


Choose up to 30 types of your favourite sweets from our range to create your own pick n mix

We have over 130 different sweets to choose from and your mix will be packaged in our amazing branded jar

If an item goes out of stock before we fulfil your order we will substitute it for another of the items you have chosen.


You can also add a label to your pouch

If you are selecting personalised please make sure you select the box and put in the message in the words box

  • Strawberry Bricks

    Out of stock

  • Jelly Turtles

  • Strawberry Dummies (VG, DF)

  • Fizzy Rings H

  • Skittles (V)

  • Jelly Smiles

    Out of stock

  • Green Turtles (GF, DF)

  • Haribo Rhubarb & Custard

  • Fizzy Strawberry Bricks

  • Mini Bears (VG)

  • Fizzy Rainbow Bricks

    100g of Fizzy Rainbow Bricks

    Fizzy rainbow brick shaped sweets

  • Fizzy Neon Worms

  • Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles (VG)

  • Strawberry Planks

    Out of stock

  • Sour Fried Eggs

    Out of stock

  • Jelly Filled Chillies (GF)

  • Gummy Sneakers GF

  • BUBS Dizzy Bubblegum Skulls

  • Jelly Filled Bears

    Out of stock

  • Black Jack (V)

  • Jelly Filled Cola Bottles

  • Fire Peppers (GF)

  • Strawberry Dreams

    100g bag of Strawberry Sugared Kisses

    Strawberry flavour jelly sweets coated in sugar

  • Bubblegum Pigs (GF)

    100g bag of Bubblegum Pigs

    Bubblegum flavoured jelly sweets

    Out of stock

  • Pizza Slices (GF)

    100g bag of Pizza Slices

  • Blackberry & Raspberry Gums (DF, GF)

    100g bag of Blackberry & Raspberry Gums

    Tasty Fruit flavoured gums

  • Fizzy Blue Jelly Babies (VG, GF, H)

    100g bag of Fizzy Blue Jelly Babies

    Sugar coated fruit flavour jelly sweets

  • Jelly Filled Brains (GF)

  • Psychodelic Mice (GF)

  • Watermelon Slices

  • Sour Gummy Stars (VG)

    100g bag of Sour Gummy Stars

    Gummy Stars are delicious blue gummy stars, packed with blue raspberry flavour with a fizzy coating

  • Foam Bananas

    100g bag of Foam Bananas

    We will all remember Foam Bananas, having stood the test of time for generations. An ever popular retro sweet, for all ages.

    Out of stock

  • Foam Shrimps

    100g bag of Foam Shrimps

    We will all remember Shrimps sweets, having stood the test of time for generations. An ever popular retro sweet, for all ages.

  • Wine Gums (GF, DF)

  • Jelly Filled Wild Strawberries

    100g bag of Jelly Filled Wild Strawberries

    Fruit Flavoured Fruit Shaped Jelly Sweets

    Out of stock

  • Liquorice Allsorts

  • Jelly Filled Skulls (GF, DF)

  • Blue Raspberries (VG)

  • BUBS Sour Raspberry & Lemon Foam Skulls (GF DF VG)

    100g Bag of BUBS Sour Raspberry & Lemon Foam Skulls

    Out of stock

  • Fizzy Cola Bottles (Vg)

  • Cola Bottles (VG, V)

    Out of stock

  • Vanilla Fudge (V & GF)

    Out of stock

  • Fizzy Cherries

  • Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles (VG, DF)

  • Icy Cups

    Out of stock

  • Pint Pots (GF)

  • Sour Dummies (VG, V, DF)

    Out of stock

  • Fizzy Blue Raspberry Bottles

    Out of stock

  • Strawberry Bonbons

  • Baby Dolphins (GF)

    Out of stock

  • Fizzy Bubble Gum Bottles (DF)

  • Mermaids (VG, DF)

    100g bag of Mermaids

  • Candy Sticks

    100g bag of Candy Sticks

    Pineapple flavour soft candy sticks


    Out of stock

  • Tongue Painters (VG, DF)

    100g bag of Tongue Painters

    Out of stock

  • Jelly Filled Blue Raspberries

    100g bag of Jelly Filled Blue Raspberries

    Blue raspberry flavour jelly sweets

  • BUBS Big Sour Skulls (VG, V)

    100g bag of BUBS Big Sour Skulls

    Sour fruit flavour jelly skulls


    Out of stock

  • Water Melon Pieces (GF)

  • Mushrooms (GF, DF)

    100g bag of Mushrooms

  • Twin Cherries (VG)

    100g bag of Twin Cherries

  • Milk bottles (DF)

    100g bag of Milk bottles

  • Fizzy Chips (GF, DF)

    100g bag of Fizzy Chips

    Out of stock

  • Toffee Bonbons (V, GF)

    100g bag of Toffee Bonbons

  • Tongue Painters Fizzy Dummy (VG, V, DF)

    Out of stock

  • Red lips (GF DF)

    100g bag of Red lips

    Out of stock

  • Powdered Strawberry Milkshake Bottles

    100g bag of Powdered Strawberry Milkshake Bottles

  • Strawberry Cable Bites DISCONTINUED by manufacturer

    100g bag of Strawberry Cable Bites

    Out of stock

  • Giant Sour Blue Raspberries

    100g bag of Giant Sour Blue Raspberries

    Deliciously juicy raspberry flavoured jelly sweets

  • Peaches (GF)

    100g bag of Peaches

  • Fizzy Blue Meerkats (VG)

    100g bag of Fizzy Blue Meerkats

  • Fizzy Strawberries (VG, V, GF)

    100g bag of Fizzy Strawberries

    Fizzy Strawberries are a burst of fruity flavour! Strawberry shaped, flavoured treats coated in yummy sweet sugar

  • Vanilla & Choco Fudge (V, GF)

  • BUBS Banana & Caramel (VG)

    100g bag of BUBS Banana & Caramel

    Banana and caramel flavour foam sweet

  • Giant Strawberry VG V DF

    100g bag of Giant Strawberry

  • Floral Gums

    100g bag of Floral Gums

  • Liquorice Comfits (V)

    100g bag of Liquorice Comfits

    • Liquorice pieces with colourful sugar coating
  • Dracula Teeth (VG, V, DF)

    100g bag of Dracula Teeth

    Out of stock

  • Space Mix (VG, V, DF)

    100g bag of Space Mix

  • Fizzy Blue Raspberry Rocketz

    100g bag of Fizzy Blue Raspberry Rocketz

    Fizzy sugar coated raspberry flavour sweet with sugar paste filling

  • Gummy Bones (GF)

    100g bag of Gummy Bones

    Out of stock

  • Strawberry Milkshake (GF, DF)

    100g bag of Strawberry Milkshake

    Out of stock

  • Sour Strawberry Bites

    100g bag of Sour Strawberry Bites

  • ABC Letters (VG)

    100g bag of ABC Letters

    Fruit Flavoured ABC Letters

  • Fizzy Bubblegum Dolphins VG

    Pink and blue dolphin shaped fizzy sweets - classic bubblegum flavour!

  • Jumbo Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles (DF)

  • BUBS Mini Sour Foam Skulls (GF, DF, VG, V)

    100g bag of BUBS Mini Sour Foam Skulls

    Out of stock

  • BUBS Watermelon Foam Sweets (GF DF VG)

    100g bag of Watermelon flavored foam ovals

    Out of stock

  • Sour Apples (VG, V)

    100g bag of Sour Apples

  • Jelly filled Wild Watermelons

    100g bag of Jelly filled Wild Watermelons

    Jelly filled fizzy Watermelons

  • Apple Bonbons (V)

    100g bag of Apple Bonbons

  • Cherry Lips

    100g bag of Cherry Lips

  • Bubblegum Bonbons (V)

    100g bag of Bubblegum Bonbons

  • Giant Fried Eggs (GF)

    100g bag of Giant Fried Eggs

    Out of stock

  • Blue Raspberry Bonbons (V, GF)

    100g bag of Blue Raspberry Bonbons

  • Cherry Bonbons (V, GF)

    100g bag of Cherry Bonbons

  • Dolly Mixtures

    100g bag of Dolly Mixtures

    Out of stock

  • Strawberry Twist Kisses (GF)

    100g bag of Strawberry Twist Kisses

    Strawberry & Cream Flavour Jelly Sweets

    Out of stock

  • Jelly Sharks (GF)

    100g bag of Jelly Sharks

    Fruit flavour jelly sharks

  • Fried Eggs

    100g bag of Fried Eggs

    Fruit flavour jelly and foam shapes

  • Liquorice Cream Rock

    100g bag of Liquorice Cream Rock

    Liquorice flavoured sweets with fondant centres

  • Mini Pencils (DF)

    100g bag of Mini Pencils

    Strawberry flavour gum pieces with a fondant filling

    Out of stock

  • Fizzy Rainbow Bites (V, DF)

    100g bag of Fizzy Rainbow Belts


  • Fizzy Meerkats (VG)

    100g bag of Fizzy Meerkats

    Fizzy Meerkat Shaped, Fruit Flavoured Jelly Sweets.

  • Fruit Salad (V)

    Out of stock

  • Fizzy Blue Raspberry Pencils

    100g bag of Fizzy Blue Raspberry Pencils

    Blue raspberry flavoured fizzy pencil sweets.

  • Rum and Raisin Fudge (V, GF)

    100g bag of Rum and Raisin Fudge

    Rum & raisin flavoured fudge

  • Fizzy Dracula Teeth (VG, V, DF)

    100g bag of Fizzy Dracula Teeth

    Sour fruit flavour jelly sweet

  • Fizzy Jelly Snakes (GF, DF)

    100g bag of Fizzy Jelly Snakes

    Sour fruit flavoured jelly sweets

  • Swirly Fish (GF)

  • Sugar Octopus (GF)

    100g bag of Sugar Octopus

    Octopus form gummy jellies in assorted colours and fruit flavoured covered with sour sugar

  • Jelly Filled Turtles (GF)

  • Blue Raspberry Watermelon Slices

    100g bag of Blue Raspberry Watermelon Slices

    blue raspberry flavour jelly sweets with a fizzy coating

  • Wine Gums (VG)

    100g bag of Wine Gums

    Vegan Jelly Sweets

  • Fudge Crunch (V, GF)

  • Jelly Beans (V)

  • Jelly Filled Frogs (GF)

  • BUBS Cool Cola Skulls (VG, V)

    100g bag of BUBS Cool Cola Skulls

  • Jelly Filled Snails (GF)

  • BUBS Raspberry & Blueberry Foam Sweets (VG, V)

  • Banoffee Duo Fudge Discontinued by supplier

    Out of stock

  • Fizzy Cherries (VG)

  • Peach Rings (VG, V, GF)

  • Fizzy Teddy Bears (VG, V, GF)2

  • Chocolate Fudge V GF

  • Rainbow Pencils (V, DF)

  • Jelly Strawberries & Cream

  • Jelly Snakes DF

  • Shiny Blue Hearts (GF)

  • Jelly Spogs

    100g bag of Jelly Spogs

    • Aniseed flavoured jelly sweets coated with sugar candy
  • Haribo Gold Bears

  • Haribo Cola Bottles

  • Haribo Giant Strawbs

  • Haribo Heart Throbs

  • Haribo Happy Cherries

    Out of stock

  • Haribo Jelly Babies

  • Haribo Yellow Bellies x2

  • Sugared Almonds

  • Jumbo Fizzy Chips (Vg, V, H, GF)

  • Jelly Bean Love Hearts

    Small pink & white heart shaped, panned sweets

  • BUBS Wild Strawberry & Pomegranate

    Strawberry & pomergranate flavour foam sweets

  • Jelly Filled Red Hearts Discontinued by supplier

    Large sugared red hearts

    Out of stock

  • Jelly Filled Whales GF

    Strawberry and raspberry flavour jelly sweets

  • Jelly Filled Pizza Slices GF DF

    Fruit flavour gummy pizza slices with a jelly filling

  • Pink Hearts

    Out of stock

  • Fish & Chips (V)

  • Pink & White Mice

    Out of stock

  • White Jazzies (V)

  • Brown Jazzies (V)

  • Pink Pigs

  • Candy Cones

  • White Chocolate Snowie Stars (V)

  • Chocolate Mice

  • Choc Nibbs

    Out of stock

  • Toffee Crumble

    Out of stock

  • Strawberry Shakes

    100g bag of Strawberry Shakes

    Bottle shaped Strawberry and cream flavour

    Out of stock

  • Spinning tops

    Out of stock

  • Choc Animals

  • Chocolate Eggs (V)

    Out of stock

  • Skull Crushers


In stock


Best Before: 6 Months from date of purchase

Disclaimer: Glossop Pick n Mix cannot accept liability for any inaccuracies in the provided information, as the correctness of ingredients, allergen advice, and nutritional values is based on our best knowledge and may change without prior notice. It is imperative to read the packaging before consumption and not solely rely on the details presented on this page. Please be aware that products may be packaged in an environment that handles nut products.

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