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If an item goes out of stock before we fulfill your order we will substitute it for another of the items you have chosen.

  • Haribo Starfish (V)

    Out of stock

  • Haribo Cola Bottles

  • Haribo Milkshakes

  • Haribo Terrific turtles

  • Haribo Rotella (V)

  • Haribo Starmix

    Out of stock

  • Haribo Giant Strawbs (V)

  • Haribo Heart Throbs

  • Haribo Bubblegum bottles

  • Haribo Freaky fish (V)

  • Haribo Fruity frogs

    Out of stock

  • Haribo Sour cherries

  • Haribo Friendship rings

  • Haribo Sour strawberries

    Out of stock

  • Haribo Gold bears

  • Haribo Jelly babies

  • Haribo Rhubarb and Custard

  • Haribo Fried Eggs

  • Haribo Cherry on Leaf

  • Sour Sparks

  • Giant Cola Bottles

  • Swizzels Milk Bottles (GF)

  • Swizzels Teeth & Toothbrush

  • Swizzels Pink & White Mushrooms (G/F)

  • Swizzels Fizzy Strawberry Tarts

  • Swizzels Fried Eggs

  • Swizzels Mushrooms

    Out of stock

  • Swizzels Sour Apple Slices (G/F)

  • Swizzels Giant Milk Bottles

    Milk flavour foam gums

  • Swizzles Strawberry Tarts

  • Foam Shrimps

  • Foam Bananas

  • Wine Gums (GF & DF)

  • Liquorice Allsorts

  • Coconut Mushrooms

  • Jelly filled Strawberries

    Out of stock

  • Fizzy Cola Bottles (V)

  • Cola Bottles (VG)

  • Vanilla Fudge (V & GF)

  • Haribo Pontefract Cakes

  • Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles - (DF, V & Vegan)

  • Hannahs Icy Cups

  • Pint Pots (DF)

  • Sour dummies (Vegan, V)

  • Fizzy Blue Raspberry Bottles

  • Strawberry Bonbons

  • Baby Dolphins (GF)

  • Fizzy Bubble Gum Bottles (DF)

  • Mermaids (DF, V & Vegan)

  • Candy Sticks

    Out of stock

  • Tongue Painters - (V & Vegan, DF)

  • Blue Raspberry Kisses

    Fruit flavoured blue twisted gummy sweets

    Out of stock

  • Water Melon Pieces (GF)

  • Mushrooms (GF & DF)

    Out of stock

  • Twin Cherries (VG)

  • Milk bottles (DF)

  • Fizzy Chips (GF,DF)

  • Toffee Bonbons (V & GF)

  • Red lips (GF, DF)

  • Strawberry Milkshake Bottles

  • Strawberry Cable Bites

  • Sugar Covered Strawberries (DF, V & Vegan)

  • Peaches (GF/DF)

  • Midget Gums (DF, GF)

    • Delicious fruit flavour gums
  • Fizzy Mix (DF/GF)

    Out of stock

  • Sugarcoated Glow Worms (GF, DF)

  • Giant Strawberry (DF, V & Vegan)

  • Floral Gums

  • Liquorice Comfits (V DF)

    • Liquorice pieces with colourful sugar coating
  • Dracula Teeth (DF, V & Vegan)

  • Space Mix (DF, V & Vegan)

  • Fizzy Blue Raspberry Rocketz (DF)

  • Gummy Bones (GF)

  • Strawberry Milkshake (GF, DF)

    Out of stock

  • Sour Strawberry Bites

  • Fizzy Tropical Slices VG

  • Bubblegum Mushrooms

    Out of stock

  • Giant Filled Liquorice

    • Liquorice with a banana, strawberry and peach flavour centre
  • Foam Strawberries (GF/DF)

    Out of stock

  • Sour Apples (Vg)

  • Lemon Bonbons (V & GF)

  • Apple Bonbons (V)

  • Cherry Lips

  • Bubblegum Bonbons (V)

  • Watermelon Bonbons (V)

  • Blue Raspberry Bonbons (V) GF

    Out of stock

  • Cherry Bonbons (GF, V)

    Out of stock

  • Dolly Mixtures

  • Strawberry Twist Kisses (GF)

    Strawberry & Cream Flavour Jelly Sweets

  • Jelly Sharks

  • Jelly Pineapples

    Jelly Yellow Pineapple Jellies

  • Liquorice Cream Rock

  • Mini Pencils

  • Fizzy Rainbow Belts (V)

  • Sour Apple Rings

    Out of stock

  • Black & Raspberries (GF)

    Fruit flavour jellies coated in non pareils

  • Rum and Raisin Fudge (V)

  • Fizzy Dracula Teeth (D/F, Vegan)

  • Fizzy Jelly Snakes (G/F D/F)

  • Swirly Fish (GF)

  • Giant Blue Raspberry Mushrooms

    Giant blue raspberry flavoured foam shaped sweets in the shape of a mushroom.


    Suitable for Halal.

    Out of stock

  • Jelly Filled Turtles GF DF

    • Multi coloured gummy turtles with a jelly centre

    Out of stock

  • Blue Raspberry Slices

    Blue raspberry flavoured sugared sweets

    Out of stock

  • Cola bottles G/F D/F

  • Pina Colada

    Refreshing piña colada flavoured soft candy, covered with sour  sugar.

  • Orange Bonbons (V & GF)

  • BUBS Cool Cola Skulls (Vegan)

    Out of stock

  • Jelly Filled Snails

  • Jelly Snakes (G/F & D/F)

  • Banana & Toffee Fudge

  • Fizzy Cherries (Vg)

  • Fizzy Peaches (Vg)

  • Fizzy Teddy Bears (Vg)

  • Choco Fudge (V)

  • Black Gummy Hearts

  • Sugar Octopus (GF)

    • Fruit flavour gummy jellies
    • Fun octopus shape
  • Fizzy Blue Raspberry Pencils

    Blue raspberry flavoured fizzy pencil sweets.

    Out of stock

  • Drumstick Bubblegum Squashies (GF)

  • Drumstick Squashies (GF)

  • Fudge Crunch

  • Rainbow Pencils

  • Sour Melon Slices (VEGAN D/F)

  • Vanilla & Choco Fudge (V)

  • Fizzy Watermelon Slices (Vg)

  • Mini BUBS Banana (Vg)

  • Watermelon Fizzy Dummies VG DF

    Watermelon flavour jelly sweets with a fizzy sour coating

  • Jelly Spogs

    • Aniseed flavoured jelly sweets coated with sugar candy
  • Tongue Painters Fizzy Dummy (VG DF)

    Fruit flavour jelly sweets with a fizzy sour coating

  • Watermelon Slices DF

    Watermelon flavour sweets with a sugar paste filling

  • Psychodelic Mice (GF)

    Psycholdelic Mice

  • Jelly Filled Brains (GF)

    Jelly Filled Brains sweets are a delicious bit of fun for children, who continue to love sweets that they can do horrible things to!

  • Fizzy Blue & White Stars

    Fizzy Star shaped jelly sweets.

    Out of stock

  • 3D Hearts

    3D Hearts are tasty, sugar coated 3D hearts in a range of fun, bright colours.

  • Fizzy Strawberry & Cream Slices

    Strawberry & Cream Flavour jelly sweets with a fizzy coating

  • Fizzy Rainbow Bottles

    Fizzy Rainbow Bottles are delicious fruit flavour gummy sweets with a fizzy coating in rainbow colours

  • Blackberry & Raspberry Gums (DF, GF)

    • Fruit flavoured gums
  • Minions Original

  • Minions Peace (Vg, DF)

    Fruit flavoured jelly sweets

  • fizzy Caramel Kisses

  • Pizza Slices (GF)

  • Sour Strawberry Bricks

    Classic liquorice candy with the shape of a brick and an intense strawberry flavour. You won’t be able to just eat one

  • Red Devils

  • fizzy Caramel Kisses

  • Pizza Slices (GF)

  • Sour Strawberry Bricks

    Classic liquorice candy with the shape of a brick and an intense strawberry flavour. You won’t be able to just eat one

  • Red Devils

  • Strawberry Belts

    Bag of 10 belts

    Out of stock

  • Apple Belts

    small bag of 10 belts

  • Pink Hearts

  • Fish & Chips (V)

  • Pink & White Mice

  • White Jazzies (V)

  • Brown Jazzies (V)

  • Pink Pigs

  • Candy Cones

  • Chewing Nuts (V)

    Out of stock

  • Brown Mice (V)

  • Brown Buttons (V)

    Out of stock

  • Choc Nibbs

  • Toffee Crumble

  • Spinning tops

  • White Mice

  • Chocolate Beans

  • Chocolate Eggs (V)

  • Strawberry shakes

    Strawberry and cream flavoured candy, in the shape of a bottle

  • Blue Paintballs

    100g bag

  • Green Paint Balls

  • Red Paint Balls

    Out of stock

  • White Paint Balls

  • Yellow Paint Balls


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Please see individual items for allergy and ingredients information.

Please choose 8 sweets from the list.

Will come all together in a pouch

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