Free local delivery on orders over £10. Free delivery on postage orders over £35!

Local Delivery slots – Mon 20th – Fully booked, Tue 21st – OPEN

Questions & Answers

Are you still delivering inlight of Covid-19?
Yes we are, we are only offering contactless delivery though, so we place your order down on your door step, knock and step back. 

Do you accept cash on delivery?
No unfortunately we don’t, all sales are to be through the website or app where you can either pay via Paypal or Card.

When will i receive my order?
If you haven’t placed an order yet, we deliver same day, or you can ask us to deliver on a different day in the notes section on checkout. If you have already ordered, please see your confirmation email as it will state the delivery time/day you selected on checkout.

What is your minimum order to qualify for local delivery?
Minimum order is £10 for local delivery.

How do I check if i’m in your delivery area?
If you put £10 worth of items in your cart, go to cart, input your delivery postcode it will show you your available delivery options.

Can you deliver to me at work?
I’m afraid we only deliver local to residential addresses, we used to hand deliver to commercial, however we had numerous issues. We only have a limited amount of time per delivery and commercial addresses always took 3-4 times (sometimes even longer) the amount of time causing us to have to take less orders per delivery slot which then has a detrimental effect on our business, so we had to make the decision to stop delivering to them. We do however post to them 🙂

Do you deliver to local schools?
Same answer as commercial addresses above I’m afraid, we only deliver local to residential addresses. We do however post to them 🙂

I am in the delivery area but it isn’t coming up with a delivery option, only Postage?
Please make sure you have met our minimum order of £10 to qualify for local delivery.

What time do you deliver?
Please see our Delivery tab for all information regarding deliveries as we edit this throughout the day as slots become full or if we have had to close etc. – Also keep an eye on our social media for updates.

If I order today will it be delivered tonight?
Yes, as long as you select one of our available delivery slots for that day. 

I’ve ordered for the 4-6pm slot, what time roughly will it be delivered?
Roughly 4-6pm. Unfortunately we can’t be any more accurate with times as it all depends on other orders that have come in, as we try to go the shortest route around everyone to be more economical on fuel. 

I’ve ordered for the 4pm-6pm slot, but its 6pm now and my delivery hasn’t arrived, when will it be here?
On the odd occasion we do run over time, due to unforeseen circumstances, for example – traffic – this is Glossop after all! We will try and let you know if we are running late, however sometimes it’s only 1 or 2 of us here and may not get chance to get in contact. We will be on our way, and can only apologies for being over the time slot time.

I’ve seen an item is out of stock, is it really or can I still order it?
Yes the item is out of stock, some times we are unable to get hold of some items due to the wholesaler being out of stock. We do however go to the wholesalers 2-3 times as week so keep checking the website and hopefully it’ll be back in stock soon.

I’ve placed an order for tonight, however my order confirmation says tomorrow?
That’ll be because we are either closed or the same day slot was full when you ordered, your delivery will be when your order confirmation says.

Do you sell ………?
We are continuously adding new products, and we add them to the website as soon as we have them. So if you use the search bar at the top of the page and it doesn’t show what you are looking for then unfortunately we don’t sell it…. yet anyway.

I’m sorry I was out when you tried to deliver, can you re-deliver please?
Yes of course, however there is a redelivery fee of £2. Please get in touch with us to re arrange the delivery and pay the fee and we’ll organise with you when’s best to have it redelivered. Alternatively, feel free to come and collect instead once you have been in touch with us to let us know you’d prefer to collect.