Minimum spend for local delivery is £8


Hello Everyone 

After listening with the nation last night, we came to the understanding that we would have to stop deliveries.

However, after a conversation with Trading Standards we have been told that the service is one that can remain open as it offers a product that could stop/limit customers venturing to the shops.

We have put in place a non human contact policy. With recent updates this means all our deliveries will be contactless going forward. We will place your order on your doorstep, and knock and walk away, we will wait from atleast 2metres away until you answer the door.

Although Trading Standards have said this can continue we must say that the safety and health of our customers and us are above any form of business. This policy will be reviewed every 48hrs to ensure that a safe practice is still in place and the service should remain open.

If there is any reason we feel that the service should close we will update our pages and let everyone know 🙂

Sweet Cart / Ferris Wheel Hire


Each package includes:

  • Sweet Cart/Ferris Wheel Set up & dismantle
  • Tongs
  • Jars (cart – with or without sweets as requested)
  • Sweet bags
  • Good variety of sweets if sweets are required

Various packages available, make sure you select the correct package. 

Please note: We can only hire up to 8 miles from SK13 2NS